Platelet count is 'strong predictor' of cancer

A new UK study has revealed the first new strong indicator of cancer in 30 years, finding that having a high blood platelet count can predict who will go on to be diagnosed with cancer.

'Avolatte' is the avocado, latte mash-up

When will the avocado madness stop? After 'avocado hand,' avocado-themed restaurants and avocado burgers, the latest trend involving the vegetable du jour involves pouring lattes into emptied half-shells.

Light cigarettes linked to form of lung cancer

So-called "light" cigarettes with holes in the filter could be the reason why a specific kind of lung cancer has been on the rise in recent decades, researchers said Monday.

'Smart genes' account for 20% of intelligence

Scientists have discovered 52 genes linked to human intelligence, among other new findings.

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